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Whether you’re competing in a world-class esports tournament or battling online within the comfort of your home, you definitely want to have a well-designed keyboard at your disposal. Quality is the mutual ground between both lifestyles, with is something everyone can relate to. Fnatic gear blends the two together with their new line of GEN 2 hardware, the Fnatic Gear Streak and Mini Streak mechanical RGB keyboards. While both keyboards have a strong focus on performance, they each have their own perks that will appeal to PC gamers who love to play video games competitively. You don’t need to be a champ to enjoy the comfort of a well-designed, esports ready keyboard; but you can feel like one just the same.

The Streak is a mechanical keyboard that feels very sturdy and easy to work with. It’s a slim keyboard, but one with a lot of resistance to even the strongest of button presses. While bigger than its mini counterpart, the Streak still has the same functions that you would get with both. The Streak is meant to be used at home with your desktop computer, whether you’re playing games online or working on some personal projects on your PC.

Typing on the keyboard feels very good, with each click of the buttons never getting too annoying or sounding cheaply built. In addition to the USB slot on the top for extra devices, you have a scroll wheel on the top to adjust volume settings and more, as well as buttons to toggle mic and sound mutes when needed. Though these buttons are a bit small compared to the rest of the keyboard, they don’t get in the way when you’re reaching for specific keys, which can be helpful when you’re distracted by something within a tense game.

The Streak has full RGB colors that display in eight lighting modes, which can be toggled between one another by pressing function + F7. The lighting effects are pretty neat to look at, and look really special in very dark rooms. Some of the more interesting effects are the ripple and gradient light effects, which really play around with the lighting as you use the keyboard. Some lighting effects look better than others, but all of it is a neat compliment to have if you enjoy putting some flair into your PC setup and accessories.

The Mini Streak is very similar by design, with a few exceptions. The keyboard is smaller and doesn’t have a number pad or extra scroll wheel like its bigger counterpart. You still have the mute buttons for sound and microphone, as well as an additional button to lock the ESC key from accidentally being pressed.

The Mini Streak is better suited traveling around with, because of its smaller size and detachable USB cable. Both keyboards have a wrist rest that connects to the bottom of each keyboard, but the one for the Mini Streak is slightly smaller to compensate for the size difference. It doesn’t greatly affect the use of the keyboard, but those that have a preference between larger and smaller accessories will want to keep that in mind.

Both the Streak and Mini Streak also include a competition mode button that changes the lighting of both keyboards. Regardless of the active lighting RGB effect, hitting the competition mode disables everything except the basic keyboard functions. This means changing the lighting effects into a uniform color and allowing the user to focus on hitting essential keys. You can still play your games or use the keyboard without every using this function, as it’s not mandatory to do so in most case, but the option is there for those that want it.

Both keyboards also have magnetic plates at the top section that display with the lighting effects. These plates are interchangeable, but you only get one plate included in the package with the Fnatic logo. It would’ve been nice to have more plates on hand to switch around, but these can be purchased from Fnatic and even customized with one’s game tag or organization.

If you’re looking to get more accessories for your PC setup, then the Streak and Mini Streak are solid keyboard options. They’re well-designed and will probably last you a long time through repeated use. The lighting effects and competitive mode options are nice additions, even if they are optional perks to owning either keyboard. Those that do travel a lot with their setup will maybe want to pick up the Mini Streak for the convenience of its size and portability, otherwise the Streak is still just as good. Regardless of which keyboard you choose, what you have here is a quality keyboard that will keep you playing at your finest.

These impressions are based on the Fnatic Gear Streak and Mini Streak keyboards for PC, units provided by Fnatic Gear.

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