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If you’re a fan of the original PlayStation, then you probably would want to own a complete anthology of the console and its massive library of games. Geeks-Line has a new promotional deal through Amazon for everyone interested in their book about the PS1. The PlayStation Anthology Classic Edition is getting a discount on Amazon, allowing those who never checked out the book beforehand a chance to do so now.

The discount from Geeks-Line is for 20% off the PlayStation Anthology book and lasts from now (started on June 22) until July 15th, 2018. The deal is also for the Classic edition of the book, which comes with the basic version of the PlayStation Anthology from Geeks-Line. Those who were hoping on snagging the Collector’s Edition will still have to go to Geeks-Line’s website to do so, as the promotion doesn’t apply to that version of the book.

If you were curious about how good this book actually is, you can check out our Unboxing & Impressions video on the PlayStation Anthology. We looked at all of the contents of the Classic edition of the book and gave our overall impressions of what was inside. To put it simply for everyone, it’s a must-own book for anyone who loves the PlayStation. In addition, Geeks-Line also published a Nintendo 64 Anthology, as well as the upcoming GameCube Anthology that takes a similar look at those consoles.

Are you interested in checking out the PlayStation Anthology with this new deal? Have some thoughts about the PlayStation and its classic games? Want us to check out other gaming related books? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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