Lexip Gaming Mouse Built with Internal Joysticks Shatters Kickstarter Goals

A revolutionary gaming mouse???

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PC gamers will know of the struggle and passion that one has for compiling their various tech. When you’re playing games on PC, be it for competition or pleasure, you need to have a solid mouse to use with everything. If you don’t have that, then you need to go out and get one somehow. But with all the various kinds out there on the market, choosing one can be a challenge in of itself. The company Lexip however is looking to give PC gamers a unique, yet well-built mouse that works for every kind of gamer.

The Lexip Gaming Mouse is the first mouse to have two built-in joysticks, with one on the side of the mouse and the other that the mouse is built upon. Players can tilt the whole mouse make a number of movements, while the second joystick can be manipulated with your thumb for other actions and movements. Lexip began revealing details about the gaming mouse on Kickstarter, with lots of info and technical info, which reached far beyond it’s initial kickstarter goal of $30,000. Since the Kickstarter began, backers have pledged more than $300,000 towards the project.

Via Kickstarter Page for Lexip (edited from initial Kickstarter posting)

By adding a joystick on the inner side of the mouse and putting the whole mouse on a pivot without restricting normal movement, you can do anything with just one hand! While combining maneuvers, combating people or controlling your vehicle, you can now either drink your coffee or take the opportunity to do even more actions with your free hand.

The First joystick is internal and controlled by tilting the mouse shell. Simply tilt your mouse shell up, down, left or right to control a variety of moves. The second joystick is controlled by your thumb giving you ample customization, premium ergonomics, and a truly 3-Dimensional gaming experience without ever needing to add additional commands, keys or shortcuts…

… Lexip has the ability to give you a competitive edge in your favorite games all while simplifying your gaming setup. This is largely due to our mini joysticks, which are a complete miniaturization of full size, analog joysticks. Resulting in a natural feel with mechanical feedback and precision, just like those in the controllers you use every day.

…With Lexip, you’re able to change almost everything about the mouse – creating an experience that feels natural and intuitive. With our custom control panel, there’s a lot to tweak.We’ve covered all the necessities for competitive gaming and productivity with the ability to:

  • set program-specific macros
  • adjust the gaming sensor’s DPI
  • change the sensitivity of both joysticks
  • adjust deadzones
  • adjust RGB Lighting
  • and more!

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