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First time's a charm...

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Just in time before Halloween, I had the opprotunity to attend LumiCon in Tampa, Florida. Though I was a featured guest for the convention, I still was able to roam the convention floors and capture a bunch of interesting things throughout the weekend. With so much cosplay, Final Fantasy fandom, artwork, and candy (of course!); there was a lot to love about being at Lumicon 2018, the first year the convention was behing hosted.

Here is a gallery of the great cosplay and moments from LumiCon 2018. Though its not everything that went down over the weekend (because there’s no way to substitute actualy bing there!), its a small portion of what you may have missed out on. Feel free to share the gallery with others and post your thoughts about  everything in the comments below!

Did you enjoy our gallery from LumiCon? Want us to cover more conventions all around? Saw a cool cosplay you have to compliment? Leave us a comment down below in the comments section and let your voice be heard!

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