Resident Evil 2 Is Terrifyingly Reborn in New Remake – E3 2018 Preview

Welcome back to Raccoon City.

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Resident Evil 2 is one of the most popular entries in Capcom’s horror series, so it was only natural that it would eventually get the REmake treatment like the first game. Luckily for everyone, Capcom has revealed just how much was done to bring the zombie-filled sequel to modern consoles. But instead of being a straight remaster of the original game, many creative liberties were taken to boost up the atmosphere of Raccoon City, returning to what made Resident Evil so impactful, to begin with. Resident Evil 2 Remake fully embraces the terror of knowing you’re so close to being attacked by zombies lurking in the dark.

Those that are familiar with Resident Evil know about Leon Kennedy, Clair Redfield, and the RCPD, as well as the Umbrella Corporation. Resident Evil 2 Remake takes us back to that same story from the original game, but things look immensely more polished and detailed than before. The dark places always feel like something was waiting for Leon, while the gritty blood filled walls around Leon built upon that fear. Many of the iconic locations from the original game are going to appear in some form, but the demo shown at E3 was only a small portion of what everyone can expect.

The biggest standout for Resident Evil 2 Remake isn’t just the visuals, but the controls and perspective. The demo had Leon roaming around a building in Raccoon City, but the perspective and controls were more akin to Resident Evil 4. A third-person view that allowed you to move and look around more freely than the fixed camera of the original RE2. But just because the controls were smoother and felt more natural, that didn’t mean that zombies couldn’t sneak up on Leon or become a real threat.

Zombies breaking through windows and smashing doors down in pursuit really brought back the tense feeling that the original game was going for. And when the zombies do finally appear, they look terrifying with all of the wear & tear that you’d expect to see from the undead. A lot of work definitely went into making the zombies look intimidating.

Getting into fights with zombies is exactly what classic Resident Evil fans have wanted for a while, so don’t expect to empty clips of bullets into zombies like later games. It takes more than a few shots to the head to kill a zombie in Resident Evil Remake, which was standard in the original game, but a lot more tense this time. Running around the area looking for items is made easier than before because of a revamped HUD and helpful map that could be brought up easily during gameplay.

Managing items is similar to the original game, where you can only hold onto a few items at a time and must manage your inventory with storage boxes. Not a lot has changed with that, but the process itself is made easier since you can go between the menus and make item selections pretty quickly.

The demo at E3 didn’t go for a long time, so it wasn’t possible to see a lot of what Raccoon City will be like in Resident Evil 2 Remake. There was no showing of Claire’s story, nor many of the other big set pieces and enemies from Resident Evil 2. But the small portion from the show has a lot of great things going for it, and a lot more to look forward to when the game finally releases. Anyone who was worried about how this reimagining of Resident Evil 2 will turn out, Capcom definitely has something that doesn’t look like it will disappoint you in the slightest. Resident Evil 2 Remake is set to release on January 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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