The SupaRetroN HD Reinvigorates Your SNES Collection

SNES Games in High-Def!!!

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If you’re a collector of retro video games, then you’ll understand the difficulty of playing on original console hardware on newer televisions. Because of the technology from back then, it can sometimes require some extra steps to pull out your favorite console from your childhood these days. But various companies have offered different options that enable gamers of all ages to experience the fun of retro game consoles, including a new one coming out soon from gaming hardware company HyperKin. Fans of the Super Nintendo will be able to play their favorite games with HyperKin’s upcoming release of the SupaRetroN HD.

The SupaRetroN HD is a new retro console that allows you to play your SNES cartridges and display them in HD. The design of the console is meant to not only work with every SNES cartridge you may own, but do so with well-designed hardware that is easy on the cartridges themselves. The games are displayed in 720p HD, you have the option to switch between aspect ratios easily, and the console itself includes two wired controllers within the packaging. The SupaRetroN HD is set to release on March 9, 2018.

Via Press Release from HyperKin

Hyperkin knows how much time, money and effort retro gamers put into building their game collection. The SupaRetroN HD has been built in a way that looks after your favourite SNES cartridges, while making the games themselves visually stunning.

Central to this philosophy is new Pin Perfect™ technology. These new state-of-the-art pins have been engineered in-house by Hyperkin and maintain perfect pin contact, even if you bump or shake the cartridge! The presence of these high quality pins alongside a special cartridge eject button means you can swap cartridges with confidence all day long.

Once slotted in, the SupaRetroN HD’s HD output will display your games with incredible clarity – letting you experience those great SNES titles like never before.

Micro-USB input & 6ft charge cable.
720p HD Output for crisp, clear gameplay.
Easy-access Aspect Ratio Switch. 
Includes 2 x Premium “Scout” Wired Controllers

Gamers have long been snapping up Hyperkin’s “Scout” premium controllers due to their classic look, solid build and comfortable ergonomic design. The SupaRetroN HD comes complete with two, while original controllers are also supported.

Full Features List

• Plays both SNES and SFC Cartridges
• HD Audio and Video: Crisp 720p HD
• Two premium controllers – The Scout – with 8ft cables
• Pin Perfect™ high-quality pins your cartridges deserve
• Cartridge Eject Button allows you to swap games quickly and easily
• HD Output and AV Output
• Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
• 6ft Micro-USB charge cable

The SupaRetroN HD will be released on March 9, 2018 and is available to pre-order now from and Amazon.

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