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Here on The Koalition, we get to look at many different gaming headsets of all kinds. Whether it’s for the home consoles or for somebody’s phenomenal PC gaming rig, chances are there is a headset for you, and you’ll need to know which ones are the best. Not every headset is made equally or offers the same quality you’ll want, that’s where we come in. Rather than leave you out there to sink or swim in the wild world of gaming tech, we’ve got a few recommendations of great headsets that you’ll definitely want to look into.

Some of the following gaming headsets we list might not be for everybody, but there are plenty of points for each that make them interesting headsets that you’ll want to check out. We’ve even included the unboxing and impressions videos we’ve done on them too! That way you can see what we saw first hand when exploring what kinds of gaming headsets are out there. But enough chit-chat! Here are three gaming headsets we can definitely recommend to you, better than any casino promotion!


Victrix Pro AF ANC Gaming Headset

Even if you’re not into eSports or playing at a super high competitive level, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same high-quality headset that some pros use. When we looked at the Victrix Pro AF ANC, we were impressed by the number of features the headset sported alongside its sound quality. Not only do you have noise-reducing earbuds to dull outside sound, but a controller on the chord that can change a number of settings on the headphones and microphone attached. This headset is mostly for PC users, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see a home console version pop up sometime.

What we really liked, however, was the added cooling feature to the buds, where you can flip and switch to open up the earbuds and let air into to cool your ears down, which is great for longer sessions of play. While the light up features of the headset and customization plates on the mic were just an added bonus (it is pretty cool looking), we love the features Victrix put into this headset, making it a solid choice for anyone.


ASTRO A20 Wireless Headset

ASTRO Gaming makes good quality headsets, some of which we’ve talked about plenty of times here on The Koalition. But we’ll mention one specifically for this list. The ASTRO A20 Wireless headset is great for those that love playing on either the PC or home consoles. Wireless headsets are always great for how easy it is to move around without chords, but the ASTRO A20 headset is well-designed more so than most other wireless headsets out there. The only downside is that this headset is not Bluetooth enabled, which is a shame.

The comfortable earbuds and durable frame of this headset are great, as well as how easy it is to sync up and use with your devices. Switching between the PC and home consoles is simple with a flick of a switch on the transmitter that is included, plus the battery life of the headset is pretty solid. If you find yourself unable to get the more expensive ASTRO Wireless A50s (another great headset you really should look into), then we definitely recommend looking at the A20s for the same high quality at a cheaper price point.


Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Bluetooth Headset

But if you really want to have a wireless headset that is also Bluetooth enabled, then we recommend looking at the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. This headset can be synced up with your PC or home console, but also has the ability to connect via Bluetooth to any device with Bluetooth capabilities.

Some people might find the headset to be a little ridged, like other Turtle Beach headsets designed similarly, but the Stealth 700 still has a lot going for it. A mic with automatic mute when lifted up, surround sound active noise cancellation, easy wireless syncing with your gaming console, and even a bass boost. Though we still think the Bluetooth functionality is the best part of this headset, you can’t go wrong with all the additional features on top of that. The Stealth 700 can be found to work with Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


Did you like our gaming headset recommendations? Agree or disagree with our picks? Got a suggestion of something we should check out and include in a future list? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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