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Towards the end of 2017, we were able to look at a bunch of supplemental gaming accessories that functioned in a variety of ways. Out of all the gaming products we were able to feature in our Unboxing & Impressions series, we looked at a number of accessories from Nyko that we were curious about. A few of them may have been mildly helpful, but there were some accessories we really enjoyed using when checking them out for the first time.

Here is a listing of three gaming accessories from Nyko that we feel are great additions to your collection of gaming tech. Whether you’re looking for new ways to control your games or otherwise, these Nyko accessories have something you will find useful. You may want to take notes if you’re heading to your local game shop looking for new accessories.


Nyko Switch Core Controller

The Nyko Switch Core Controller is very similar to the Nintendo Branded pro controller for the Nintendo Switch. Although it’s a cheaper alternative, it serves its purpose just as good as the $60 first-party pro controller. The main noticeable differences between the two controllers are the lower grip below the D-pad and face buttons, as well as the ability to read amiibo figures on the Nintendo Pro Controller. However, the Core Controller has a Turbo button in the center and can also be used on your computer to play PC games.

In some instances, some players might find the Nintendo Pro Controller to feel a bit sturdier over the Nyko Core Controller, but everyone’s experience might vary between different games. If you want a quick solution to buying a second controller for home, without spending a whole lot, then the Core Controller is a solid option for just about everyone.


Nyko SNES Supermini Boss

Did you pick up a SNES Classic and didn’t like the length of the wired controllers that were included? Then going wireless seems like the more logical solution. The Supermini Boss controller not only helps get rid of the hassle of wires, but feels almost exactly like using one of the controllers out of the SNES Classic box. When we checked it out in our unboxing & impressions series, it was surprising to see just how quick to set up and responsive the controller was with an SNES Classic.

We were throwing fireballs in Street Fighter 2 and jumping in Super Mario World like nothing had changed, only this time, we could move around the room as we pleased. This is definitely something every SNES Classic owner may want to look into picking up.


Nyko Controller Charge Block

Whether you’re a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One owner, the Charge Block is an effective tool for charging and displaying your controllers. We looked at models for both consoles during our unboxing & impressions. While there were differences between the two, with the Xbox One having a bonus battery for the controllers, each one was great for quickly charging a controller after it’s power depleted. Additionally, they act as displays to place your controllers on when not actively gaming.

The only downside to the Charge Block is its bulky design and AC adapter, which can be a pain to plug into certain outlets and power strips. At the same time on the PlayStation 4 version of the Charge Block, you can’t connect your controllers via USB if you have the inputs on them for the Charge Block. However, these downsides don’t take away from all the good that the Charge Block does for your console controllers.

Did you find our list helpful to you? Have a suggestion of gaming accessory we should take a look at? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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