E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair Afterthoughts – Is It Any Good?

Is it a comfy gaming chair?

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It seems like a nearly standard practice that if you are building a setup for your game consoles, then chances are you’ll look into getting a gaming chair along with it. There’s plenty of choices online from all sorts of companies, so getting the best one could be difficulty for some people. Recently I had the chance to unbox and give our impressions for one gaming chair done by E-Win Racing, which you can find here on the website and YouTube channel we have. I looked at the E-Win Racing Champion Series gaming office chair that was sent to us by E-Win Racing themselves. Is it a well-designed chair that gamers should look into? That’s what we wanted to find out.

After our unboxing and impressions video went live on the website, I decided to take more time to get a feel for the chair and give some afterthoughts. I took nearly a week to really use and sit on the chair frequently not only to see how it would stack up over time, but give enough time to compare to other gaming chairs we’ve looked at in the past. The model I looked over was a blue colored E-Win Champion series gaming chair, which has fabric cushions and a few other features. The chair can spin around, be leaned back for a better incline, and roll around on the ground with its wheels at the base. The chair also comes with two pillows, one for the neck and lower back that strap on for extra comfort.

The most important part about this E-Win gaming chair was that it was comfortable in all the instances we used it. There’s very little wrong with the chair when compared to other gaming office chairs on the market, it has all the key features to be useful and comfortable. The hydraulic system on the bottom part of the chair worked great when raising and lowering down the cushion, in addition to the lever on the side of the chair being sturdy enough to lock the back part in place when leaning backwards. Though I didn’t lean far back a lot in my experience, the chair could go pretty far back, just short of laying completely flat. Spinning around is always fun with any chair, but it’s good to know that this chair is quiet when you turn it.

The one big criticism I have about E-Win Racing’s Champion gaming chair is about the arm rests on the sides. Like most gaming chairs, the arm rests that are connected to the base and back part of the chair are made out of hard plastic. It would be much more comfortable if the arm rests were designed with the same soft material as the cushions of the chair. Most of the time I was holding something or leaning forward with my arms at my sides, but when I had my arms and hands on the arm rest for an extended period of time it became a little uncomfortable.

This doesn’t go to say the gaming chair is flawed by design, it’s far from that, but it would be much more comfortable for me (or anyone) sitting on it if my arms were given the same cushion and comfort as the rest of my body sitting on it. This is something all gaming office chair companies should think about, though it should be noted this could be due to making the chair either easier/cheaper to make or for making it with sturdy quality.

Does this mean that this chair from E-Win Racing is better than most chairs out there? Yes, but there’s room for improvement to give it the extra edge over other gaming office chairs. What you’re getting here is pretty good and a solid choice for anyone that wants a chair to complement their gaming set up. E-Win has a good lineup of chairs, but here’s hoping they can continue to improve and really show us something really special.

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This editorial is based on a review unit of the E-Win Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair, provided to use by E-Wing Racing.

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