NES and Famicom Anthology Kickstarter Launched By Geeks Line

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Geeks Line has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a new book based on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The NES/Famicom Anthology book campaign began on September 12th and will have a number of editions available for fans to support and purchase. There will be a special edition of the book called The Tanuki Deluxe Edition, which can only be purchased through the Kickstarter campaign.

Via press release from Geeks Line:

Telling the full story of the NES/Famicom without repeating what has already been said in the past is no easy feat. And yet we made this our goal, while still covering as many of the details, dates, facts, and anecdotes as possible surrounding this machine that shaped a whole generation. A machine that no one really believed in to begin with (even its own designer!) but which ended up conquering the world and making Nintendo leader of the fast-changing video games industry.

How many nostalgic gamers and collectors still consider themselves part of the NES/Famicom cult, 30 years on from its launch? And what about its staggering and unprecedented sales figures? Almost 62 million consoles sold around the world! Sure, quantity doesn’t mean quality, but the NES/Famicom managed both, with a plethora of iconic and unforgettable games. They are what made a legend of the machine, a legend we’ll share with you across one hundred pages.

This Tanuki Deluxe Edition is only available through our Kickstarter campaign and in limited numbers, meaning it will never be republished or reprinted.


When writing this Tanuki Deluxe Edition, Math Manent (also author of the N64 & GameCube Anthologies) surrounded himself with an exceptional team and set about making the most complete book possible on Nintendo’s 8-bit wonder. Over 550 magnificently illustrated pages covering every single game on the console (Famicom Disk System games included), every accessory and peripheral, a unique look at the machine’s inner workings, the various bundles, and, of course, the console’s incredible life story. A truly monumental book on the subject.

Are you going to check out the NES/Famicom Anthology when it finally releases? Hoping that other game consoles will get a book made about them for you to check out? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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