SEGA Ages Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo – Classics Given Another Life?

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Sometimes you just have to take a trip down memory lane and relive the fun of playing classic arcade games. This is what the SEGA Ages collection of games allow everyone to do with classic arcade titles from SEGA’s vast library of games. Two of the latest to join the SEGA Ages line are the arcade releases of Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo. The SEGA Ages versions of them have a few extra features and bonuses to spice things up. Who doesn’t love seeing something new from a game they already enjoy? They’re still the classic games you remember playing back then, but with a little more.

While they’re both separate releases, Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo have new content and functionality given to them. Space Harrier has a new mode alongside the original game called KONMAINU Barrier Attack, which gives the Harrier a protective shield made by two lion dogs from Japanese folklore. It’s not a complete change to the core gameplay, but having the barrier gives you some extra protection during Space Harrier’s crazier moments when you’re bombarded by enemy fire. Unfortunately, this isn’t an end all solution and the barrier can be damaged by enemies, so you’ll still need fast reflexes to dodge attacks.

Puyo Puyo has the more interesting changes for its SEGA Ages release. Online play lets you to compete against others around the world and rank on leaderboards. What’s great is that you can do this with either the International or Japanese release of the game.

Playing against others online will be a hit or miss depending on your online connection, but you’ll be able to find others playing online and match up with them. Outside of that, the rest of the game is pretty much what you expect from the arcade release of Puyo Puyo.

Each game does have its share of display options that you can tinker around with. Whether you’re a fan of scanlines or having the original arcade machine frame artwork on display, you can freely switch between them at will. It’s pretty neat having some of the arcade artwork of both games be displayed as a wallpaper, but it would’ve been great to have some extras that show off more of this. Any unlockable wallpapers or other content would’ve been a great addition, but you’re not getting much at all besides the games themselves.

There are no extras for either game that you can unlock, nor bonuses or concept art that show the history of either one. However, there is a music player where you can listen to the full game soundtrack in each game from the options menu.

If you’re nostalgic for playing through either Space Harrier or Puyo Puyo, then the SEGA Ages releases of them might be appealing to you. But understand there’s not much more than a few new additions to both games. The play and sound just like you remember, nothing less than that. For some that might be enough to buy into it, but for others there’s a lack of any other new stuff that might be enticing enough to dive into these games again.

These impressions are based on digital review codes for the SEGA Ages releases of Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo for the Nintendo Switch, provided by SEGA.

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