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When developer Supergiant Games first released Bastion on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, they gave us something special. Bastion was a game that enthralled us with its colorful environments, interesting enemies, and incredibly solid controls. The voice of the narrator carried us through a story that took us to various places within its dangerous, yet lush landscapes. Now for the first time ever, Bastion finally makes its way to PlayStation platforms. Gamers who never before dived into the Xbox ecosystem now have a chance to experience the moody tale of this broken-up world.

On the PlayStation 4, Bastion’s visuals look superb. While not much has changed since its original release, the game still has beautiful colorful visuals throughout the course of the story. For those unfamiliar, players take control of a protagonist known only as “The Kid,” whose story is told through a narration from an old man named Rucks. Most of every action taken by the player gets some sort of acknowledgement by the narrator, as if he were telling a story long past to someone new. While a lot of the events and backstory are vague at first, the tone and superb timing of the narration and music keep wanting you to continue seeing and learning more about The Kid’s world.


Bastion’s responsive controls are as great as ever. Playing on the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller feels comfortable and solid throughout the entire experience. Most of your attacks and abilities are mapped to the DualShock’s face buttons, while your movement is on the left analogue stick. You go through each level fighting enemies in real time while collection special crystals to help power up the main hub area known as The Bastion. As you defeat enemies you receive experience to help you level up, as well as currency to unlock new abilities, power up weapons, or increase the potency of shops located in The Bastion.


The amount of weapons and abilities you find throughout the story are abundant and vary the way you approach different situations. Some spots may be tougher with certain weapons, yet allow you to obtain more crystals or access hidden areas on the map. Other times, powering up a certain weapon or ability will make specific boss fights much easier to progress through. All in all, you have a lot of room to play with the way you customize your protagonist to your own play style. There are also a few optional places that don’t progress the story, but give you the chance to obtain more upgrades or other unlockables to aid you in combat.

Much like its previous releases, Bastion on PlayStation 4 comes with all downloadable content that was on other platforms. In addition, you will have the ability to carry over your save data to your PlayStation Vita once the portable version is released. There is a trophy list for the game that isn’t too hard to complete once you play through the game a few times, and speaking of such, there is a New Game Plus mode you can start once you complete the main story, carrying over all of your upgrades, weapons, abilities, and unlockables to your next play through. For the completionist and trophy hunters out there, it will be necessary to play through the game at least two to three times to obtain all of the game’s secrets, including an alternate ending to the main story.


Bastion has been, and still is, a great experience for anyone to play through. Supergiant Games’ unique style looks just as good now on PlayStation 4 as it had looked before. If you crave something with some unique style and tone on your PlayStation console, then look no further than Bastion. Those who have experienced Bastion on Xbox Live Arcade or PC may have little reason to jump in again, but that doesn’t take away all the goodness that the game provides. If you’re new however and never played the original release of the game, then I highly suggest you do so. You’ll thank yourself later for it.

This review was based on a digital copy of Bastion for the PlayStation 4 provided by Supergiant Games.

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