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The first part of Double Fine’s crowd-funded game Broken Age gave us a new tale in the style of classic point and click adventure games. It told the story of Shay, a boy going through daily life on a spaceship with his sun-strobe mother, and Vella, a young girl with her family preparing for her village’s special festival.

The events that unfolded in Act 1 of the game were brought together superbly by a combination of great writing and beautiful visuals. The second part of the story in Broken Age Act 2 takes new story twists and turns and brings a satisfying conclusion to this new Double Fine tale.


Like the first act of the story, much of the game will require you to explore your surroundings for clues and key points of reference. Every item you come across has a specific purpose and usefulness, even if it isn’t immediately apparent at first.

As you progress through the story, you’ll acquire items to help on various tasks that you will need to thoroughly think about how to solve. Sometimes a problem may not have the most obvious or practical answer and cause you to think of new ways to view each area.


The second part of the story is told over two perspectives once again between the characters of Shay and Vella. While Shay now struggles to help a new ally repair a ship of great importance, Vella dives deeper into the mystery and shocking revelations of the monster known as Mog Chothra.

As a follow up to the first act, there is an even greater sense of urgency leading up to the conclusion of the story. Characters that didn’t have much of a presence before now begin to show their relevance to the overall plot this time around, along with some pretty big reveals. New characters also appear to expand upon questions that were raised by some in the first act, which help to enrich the world and background of the events that occur.


Despite a few frame-rate issues in areas which are heavily populated and lively, there aren’t many things technically wrong with Broken Age. A lot of the quality of the game will really be based on one’s expectations of the point-and-click adventure genre, especially if you’ve never played this kind of game before.

If you approach Broken Age with the expectation that there will be a lot of dynamic control and action, you’re going to be disappointed and not appreciate a lot of what the game does well. If you however approach the game with a desire to see a well-thought out story unfold and an interesting setting to be a part of, you will really like the time you spend playing through Broken Age.


Broken Age is a great tale full of mystery and colorful characters that is definitely worth playing through. Those who are accustomed to a lot of heavy action in the games they play will definitely need to come into this experience with an open mind.

By the time you reach the conclusion and receive answers to all the questions you may have had at the start, you’ll wish for even more details on the stories of Shay and Vella’s world. Double Fine’s crowd-funded game should definitely be played by everyone who appreciates good stories in their video games.

This review was based on a digital copy of Broken Age Act 2 for the PlayStation 4 provided by Double-Fine.

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