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Time to make some burgers!

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If you played a lot of video games from the 80s then you’ve probably heard of a little game called BurgerTime. While not as popular as some of the other big arcade hits of the era, BurgerTime did have an audience obsessed with high scores and its perfect little chef hero, Peter Pepper. Years later and many sequels afterwards, XSeed Games and developer G-MODE have reimagined the arcade classic. BurgerTime Party keeps the same gameplay formula of the original, while presenting it in a newly polished, modern graphical style. Even decades after its initial run, people still love to enjoy frantic arcade games about making burgers.

BurgerTime Party is very similar to play through as its old arcade counterpart. You run around each stage trying to push down the different ingredients to make burgers while avoiding rampant food baddies. It’s the kind of arcade puzzle action that’s both timeless and incredibly simple, but can still feel new and complex as well when given a whole new graphical presentation.

There are over 100 different puzzles to complete, each with their own grading and leaderboards that will test your burger making prowess. What’s more is how the game can be played with up to four players, making the puzzle solving more frantic and interesting than playing solo. Some puzzles become much easier with more players, but it doesn’t take away from how fun they can be.

The best part of BurgerTime Party is its visuals. Every character from the original Data East arcade game is given a fresh, colorful look. The stages themselves look great and have a lot of little details that add a ton more to what the arcade original displayed. Though not always as tasty looking, different stage hazards and obstacles add much to everything else happening throughout the main game.

Falling platforms, disappearing ladders, icy floors, and other new hurdles will force players to be clever about how they finish each puzzle, especially if you want to get those high scores. Certain stages can be a little frustrating when the camera has a small view of the action, especially when you want to position yourself in the right spot to go up a ladder or pick up an item. These larger stages work better for multiplayer games since not everything needs your immediate attention, unlike in single player where you can find yourself making more than a few errors from not being aware of what’s ahead.

There’s not many extras to unlock from playing through the main game of BurgerTime Party, least nothing more than a few more puzzles and a similar competitive multiplayer mode. There’s no online play, so don’t count on making burgers with your friends over Nintendo Switch Online. Local multiplayer is fun and can really be a good time when you’re working together to complete each stage.

The Battle Mode can be the same way, but it’s a lot more enjoyable to play cooperatively with these puzzles. Having to unlock the Battle Mode seems like a needless extra step, but if you’re already playing through most of the game solo then it’s not a huge deal.

BurgerTime Party is a simple game that’s both fun and great to look at. It captures the essence of the original arcade classic and tries to offer something new inspired by it. Those who grew up with the arcade game will recognize a few reimagined stages and will appreciate that the core of the game hasn’t changed one bit. Multiplayer would’ve been a great thing to have online, but that doesn’t take away from the fun times you’ll have completing puzzles locally with a few friends. If simplicity and pure fun is what you’re looking for, then grab a chef’s hat and get ready to make some burgers.

This review is based on a physical review unit of BurgerTime Party for the Nintendo Switch, provided by XSeed Games.

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