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The original Dead or Alive 5 brought Team Ninja’s vixen filled fighter into the last-generation with beautiful visuals and new special guest characters. The game was received well and was expanded upon in a re-release on the PlayStation 3 in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and DoA5+ on the PlayStation Vita. The newer versions of the game included updates that balanced match-ups and included more guest characters. The latest and final version of the Dead or Alive series, Dead or Alive: Last Round on the current-gen systems, does more of the same and adds very little else to the total package.

All of the game modes from past versions of DoA5 are here and accounted for. You have your Story Mode that contains rendered cutscenes from the perspectives of each fighter on the roster, traditional Arcade and Survival Modes, as well as the Practice Mode with a command tutorial and free play. Multiplayer is very much the same with its local versus, online ranked and lobby matches. Don’t expect to find anything radically different with game types or extra modes, as everything is identical to every release of DoA 5 thus far.


Where things start to change up is with the new characters that appear on the roster this time around. With newcomers Honoka and Raidou added into this version of DoA5, players have a total of 34 fighters to choose from.  All of the previous version’s DLC characters are now included in the package as well, along with previously released alternate costumes for the entire roster.

The new characters have their own unique styles of fighting, each possessing their own unique, flashy moves. The rest of the returning cast get some tweaks to their move sets as well, but nothing too extreme that could potentially change their original significance.


Playing online is mostly stable and easy to get into. You can set up lobby matches for up to eight other players or take the fighting into ranked matches against the world. Even with a few hiccups during matches, such as lag or match disconnects, playing a match online is stable most of the time. The matchmaking is fair enough to pair you up with players of similar rank and skill.Much like previous DoA games and other fighting game franchises, you can set titles to your name on the leader boards.

The only new changes for Last Round are the addition of a few extra player titles based off the new fighters to the roster. Everything else while playing online is the same as older iterations of Dead or Alive 5.


This is the recurring theme with Dead or Alive 5: Last Round… staying the same. If you’ve purchased any of the previous versions of the game you will have a clear idea of what to expect from Last Round. The fighting is still fluid and great looking on screen, the fan service is abundant for veterans of the series, and the online play is stable for clean and fun matches.

All of the things that DoA fans have loved about the series up to this point are here in Last Round. Yet, if you have purchased any of the previous versions of Dead or Alive 5, then you really aren’t getting anything different here. Last Round is just more of the same stuff that made the original release of Dead or Alive 5 fun to play.

This review was based off a digital copy of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round provided by Tecmo Koei for the Xbox One.

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