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As a young kid that grew up in the nineties, I have an affinity for cross-over stories that bring together characters from different universes to interact with each other. Disney Infinity 3.0 is a marvelous mash-up of characters from across a variety of Disney owned properties. Disney Interactive reaches deeper into the Disney Vault to include more popular character from the likes of Pixar, classic Disney animated, and even Star Wars. Much like the previous two editions of Disney Infinity, there is a whole lot to do and explore within this giant toy box of fun.

Those who have been playing Disney Infinity for the past two iterations will carry over smoothly to Edition 3.0. All of the previous lines of figures and power discs from the last two games are compatible with this new edition. The new figures from the latest starter packs and play set expansions however are interesting enough to garner a lot of attention away from the previous toy lines.

Both the “Twilight of the Republic” and “Rise Against the Empire” starter sets feature Star Wars themed scenarios and characters from both the prequels and original trilogy. But the content of game itself goes beyond strictly focusing on Star Wars or any of the newer properties included in Edition 3.0.


Without any active play sets, players can explore a toy box hub with a variety of areas to interact with, each with a different theme from a Disney property. You can customize a personal in-game home with themed furniture and items that you unlock by playing through other modes of the game. But this isn’t the only creative limitation you have within Disney Infinity. Much like the previous games, you can create your own open Toy Box area with different structures and items to share with the world online. The game has a wide range of customization for the kind of toy boxes you can make and will have you busy for hours fine tuning your creation.

If you’re like me and building stuff isn’t your thing, Disney Infinity 3.0 still has a ton of stuff for you to enjoy. The portals within the toy box hub take you to different scenario based toy boxes that have challenges and unlockables based on varying Disney movies.

Each area has around five scenarios to go through, which unlock other items for use in both your personal home and the toy box creator for each challenge you finish. You can race through Mos Eisley in car, battle evil robots from The Incredibles, and even go through an obstacle course on the forest moon of Endor. Some challenges can be a bit repetitive and short-lived, like the turret section on the Death Star; however this isn’t the case with most scenarios offered in each area.


Playing Disney Infinity 3.0 without buying any expansions will keep you busy for a long time and give you a taste of a lot of new content for this version of the game. But in doing so, you will miss out on an entirely different experience that can be only found in each play set expansion. Within each starter pack is a unique expansion piece that is themed to the characters included, for edition 3.0 this is specifically themed to Star Wars and Pixar’s Inside Out. The expansion I played was the “Twilight of the Republic” play set that featured characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, along with the occasional cameo from other characters from the new Star Wars universe.

This felt like a completely new experience that could have easily been its own retail game with the amount of content included. The story I played has you following the events of the Jedi Knights and Republic as they chase down General Grevious and the Separatist army across different Star Wars planets. You end up visiting places like Tatoonie and Coruscant to fight enemies and complete various quests.

I was impressed with how wide open each area in the expansion was for me to explore. The scale of the planets was incredible enough to make me forget that I was still playing Disney Infinity and not another Star Wars licensed game. If each play set expansion is this massive and immersive with new content outside the basic game, then it’s definitely worth purchasing each expansion available.


Disney Infinity 3.0 is a massive game with tons of content. If you decide to only purchase the starter pack and never buy anything else, you will still have many hours of gameplay to enjoy. But if you decide to dive in and purchase other toy figures and play set expansions, then you will have a wealth of unique content that will keep you playing for a very long time. You have a choice on how to enjoy your game without being penalized for not buying more figures and play sets.

The game has something for just about everybody, whether you’re into Star Wars, Pixar, or neither of them. The amount of enjoyment you get from playing Disney Infinity 3.0 is only limited to how much fun you want to have with it.


This review was based on a physical review copy of Disney Infinity 3.0 for the PlayStation 4 provided by Disney Interactive.

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