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A PSP hit gets resurrected...

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God Eater Burst was originally released back in February 2010 on the PlayStation Portable. God Eater Resurrection is an HD rerelease of the same game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with some additional features. Online play with up to four players and a reworked camera control help improve the experience, along with quick loading times. But while the presentation looks better than previously on the PSP, a lot of the same issues with the original release are still present.

God Eater follows the story of humanity fighting for survival against monsters that roam around a futuristic post-apocalyptic world. The plot itself remains the same, so if you played God Eater on PSP then you’re playing through the exact same story as before. The cutscenes in-between story missions do look smoother on the PlayStation 4, even though all the character models do have some jagged edges and awkward poses while talking on screen.


The fighting in God Eater Resurrection is similar to many other Monster Hunter styled-games, where you hunt giant beasts within a large environment. Unlike other games of the same genre, God Eater gives you actions in combat to power-up your character and change fighting styles during battle. God Eater Resurrection adds the new Predator Style, which has moves that deal damage to a monster and quickly gives stat boosts at the same time. While fighting, I would constantly use these kinds attacks to keep my damage boosts active, especially against the tougher beast that appear later in the game. My A.I. companions did offer help while hunting, but it was still me doing most of the work during the story missions.

The monsters also get additional tweaks to their attacks and have new patterns to their actions in God Eater Resurrection. However, it still feels like there is a huge difficulty spike very early in the game when you start fighting the bigger monsters. This is due to the hit detection on some attacks and the erratic patterns of the monsters that become enraged after being damaged.

There would be times I would get locked into a corner from monster attacks that would hit me in awkward ways just as I was recovering on the ground, leading to a massive loss of my health bar. There are a ton of recovery items and abilities to keep you afloat, but I feel the monster attacks could have used a bit more balancing to their damage output and area of effect.


The camera is improved from the original release on PSP. Unlike before, now you can use the right analogue stick or directional pad to control the camera view. This makes moving the camera in tense situations a lot easier than before, even though you can still find yourself fighting against the camera itself in close-quarters combat. Sometimes the camera will get zoomed up real close against a wall or pillar and block my view, especially when I was auto-locked onto an enemy.

This problem was present in the original release and could have been reworked a bit better. I found this to be an issue when multiple enemies were in the area, where my lock-on was easily changed by flicking the analogue stick on accident. It would have been better to have the directional pad switch between my lock-on targets, while the second stick controlling the camera movement itself.

The online connectivity of God Eater Resurrection works just like how you would expect. Getting together a group of players to hunt online is easy and considerate of those who may not have advanced deep into the story. When everyone plays story missions online, the story continues for everyone together and completes missions in offline play, eliminating the need to play through story missions again offline. Those that have the game on PlayStation Vita can team up with others on PlayStation 4 and vice versa, allowing for a larger pool of players to team with online. While I played through missions with three other players, the connections were smooth and had no latency issues.


God Eater Resurrection is a good port of the original game to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, despite having some of the same issues from before. There isn’t a lot of new stuff here, so fans hoping for more additional content may feel a bit disappointed. The online connectivity is good and works well for those that want to fight giant monsters together with their friends. If you missed out on God Eater before on the PSP, then this is the best version for you to check out.

This review was based on a digital review code of God Eater Resurrection for the PlayStation 4 provided by Bandai Namco.

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