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The Gravity Queen drops right in...

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When I played the first Gravity Rush game on PlayStation Vita, I really enjoyed the gameplay and story. Kat was a good new character for the PlayStation brand, and her power to control gravity made for an interesting approach to an action game. Gravity Rush 2 continues the story immediately after the original, with Kat dropping into a new environment to explore and new problems to deal with. Anyone that enjoyed the first game on PlayStation Vita, or the remastered version on PlayStation 4, will appreciate Gravity Rush 2 doing more of what made its predecessor so intriguing.

There are some important things that happen before the beginning of Gravity Rush 2, but the game does a nice quick recap. If you’ve already seen the Gravity Rush animation called “Overture”, then you’ll have a basic knowledge of everything that leads into Gravity Rush 2. Though I still recommend playing the first game to appreciate everything that happens. Kat and her friend Syd are stranded in a mining town called Banga, a place far away from their home in Hekseville, where the original game took place. Kat is powerless at the very start of the game, but eventually regains her strength and gravitational powers as you progress through the story.

I enjoyed the plot overall, but I did find myself becoming bored during some dialogue sections. Though Kat’s personality is both charmingly light-hearted and goofy, some of her exchanges with some NPCs can sometimes be inane. Too often I wanted to speed through dialogue just to get back to what I was doing, only because I didn’t get anything of value from those interactions. Nothing funny or even relevant to the plot. However, the story picks up and becomes much more interesting towards the later portions of the game. Seeing characters like Raven appear alongside Kat again was great and made me want to see this tale through.

Gameplay is very similar to the first Gravity Rush. Kat’s powers allow you to fly through the air from platform to platform, with moments where you’ll be inverted while exploring. I loved speeding between the floating islands and landmarks near Banga, landing at a quest destination in phenomenal fashion, and causing everything around Kat to fly back from the force of her powers.

The action is identical to the first game, with Kat taking on enemies like the Nevi once again, as well as a number of human foes that are important to the plot and side quests. You can gain more abilities and extra boosts to Kat’s powers by completing quests and spending gems on different skills. There’s a lot of things to do in each of the areas you can visit, so you’ll have plenty of ways to strengthen Kat’s powers.

Admittedly, some of the extra side quests and challenges can get very tedious, and at times very annoying. On more than one occasion, I found myself having to restart an entire quest just to get over a random bug or glitch that brought my experience to a screeching halt. It wasn’t a common thing, but it did happen a few times during my game.

There’s also some quests that are very vague in divulging what you need to accomplish. Sometimes important markers related to my objectives wouldn’t appear on my map, causing me to search around for a long time looking where to go next. Other moments involved a character not triggering an objective or not even appearing where they needed to be, forcing me to reload my checkpoint and redo the entire quest.

There is a small online component to Gravity Rush 2, but nothing too invasive for anyone just wanting a single player experience. You can gain a ranking on the challenge leaderboards for completing various challenge quests, which range from easy to difficult in a number of different ways.

You can also take photos using a camera that Kat finds and sharing them with others online. This is helpful when looking for hidden areas with extra loot, as well as other spots that can make some sections of the game a bit easier early on. Though I didn’t spend a lot of time with these features, I never felt the absolute need to do so, which was great.

Gravity Rush 2 is more of what you would expect, a fun continuation of the story about Kat and her world. I wouldn’t recommend diving into this game without having played the first Gravity Rush, mainly because of how the story picks up right after the conclusion of Kat’s first outing. Despite the few issues, you can have a solid 30+ hour experience playing through Gravity Rush 2. If you liked Kat before and want to see what happens to her next, you’ll definitely have a fun time finding out.

This review was based on a physical review copy of Gravity Rush 2 for the PlayStation 4, provided by Sony.

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