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While the first legacy collection of Capcom’s blue bomber offered a lot of value and nostalgia, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 takes a step backward with the second compilation of older games from the beloved series. The four games of this collection of classic Mega Man titles are reproduced exactly as you remember, with the same challenge and fun characters that fans love. However, a few missing features from the first Legacy Collection and a severe lack of additional content make this return to Mega Man’s previous adventures a lot slimmer than expected. There may be a lot of love for the blue bomber, but not enough effort went into making his second Legacy Collection feel special.

The biggest change that fans will lament in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is the inability to save your game at any time. The first collection had this feature with the original six NES Mega Man games, which made the challenging ensemble of classic titles all the more enjoyable for some. However, in Legacy Collection 2, you can only save at specific points during gameplay in any of the four games included. No longer can you quickly save seconds before a boss fight and reload if you find yourself struggling a lot, instead you have to reach certain areas deemed as checkpoints in order to save.

This makes playing through Mega Man 7 – 10 more challenging than the previous collection of games, but less fun for casual fans. It’s a feature that didn’t need to be changed up, let alone removed for any reason. There isn’t any technical reason that any of the games included would prevent saving at any time from working as it did in the first Legacy Collection, so it’s confusing to see it entirely absent. In addition, the limited amount of visual filters for all four games and limited amount background images don’t really do much to make this compilation seem any better.

The extra challenge modes and armor mode for each game does add something different to the gameplay, but neither stands out as a highlight on their own. With many other retro collections of classic games having more dynamic and interesting features offered to players, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 seems like a minimalist effort in comparison.

Like the first collection of Mega Man games, the Museum offers a number of original artwork and music tracks to enjoy. The various pieces of concept art and promo material is great to look at, but there isn’t any descriptions or history given about them from each game. Why there wasn’t any descriptions or details given about the various character designs or development of each Mega Man title is anyone’s guess.

The complete soundtracks of each game are great, however, especially if you love 8-bit musical tunes. However, it would have been nice to hear remixed tracks like the first Legacy Collection for the NES games. Again, it feels like a missed opportunity to make this compilation feel more special.

If you loved playing Mega Man 7 – 10, then you’ll be happy to know not much has been altered for each game in this collection. However, if you were hoping for more interesting things to be done for Capcom’s second outing of classic Mega Man adventures,  you’ll be disappointed. The removal of the save anywhere feature from the previous collection is confusing, as is the lack of remixed music and additional bonus features to make this compilation stand out. Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 does well to bring together more classic games but comes up short at showing why the blue bomber’s legacy matters to everyone.

This review was based on a digital review code for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for the PlayStation 4, provided by Capcom.

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