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The Mega Man games from Capcom are classic platforming games that are synonymous with the NES library of iconic titles. The original six games on the NES are what make up the Mega Man Legacy Collection on PlayStation 4. This new collection compiles the best titles in the series and offers a few extra goodies that hardcore fans will definitely appreciate. While Mega Man may have had a very rocky road with all the cancelled titles and departure of series creator Kenji Inafune from Capcom, the Legacy Collection brings back the better memories of the Blue Bomber’s gaming history.

If you’re a fan of classic Mega Man, chances are you have already played through all six of the games included in this collection. The games themselves are exactly how you remember them. Everything from the solid platforming controls, robot master weaknesses, and 8-bit sounds are all here in the best that they have ever been to date. Some people may find input lag with the controls depending on the television screen you play on, but this is a very infrequent occurrence and is debatable to be an issue at all.


Where this collection really shines is in the extras that are included outside of the six main games. A new challenge mode for players well versed in playing Mega Man titles offers a new level of challenge that will put anyone’s skills to the test.

The challenge mode mixes up various scenarios from all six games and makes a series of tough obstacles that require quick reflexes and clever problem solving. This is really only for those that have played through all six games before, as it is relentless in the precision needed and unforgiving for the unacquainted.


A real treat for everyone remotely interested in the world of the Mega Man series are all the sketches and design documents included as extras. Various unused concept art from the six games are included right from the start and don’t require players to complete each game to view them. These show unused robot master concept art, alternate looks for characters, and more.

This is very cool for those that have never read through any of the published books about the development of Mega Man over the years. However it would have been nice to have descriptions for each concept art and design document that offer some insight about them. A small description or backstory to the designs would have been good to have.


Another missed opportunity for this collection is the absence of the other four games in the series. While this is mainly a compilation of the classic NES titles, the Legacy Collection feels a bit incomplete with Mega Man 7 – 10 not being included here. One may argue that the later games don’t hold as much nostalgic value in the eyes of true fans, but those same games were also included in previous compilations of the series, such as the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PlayStation 2.

Having the last few games of the series included would have allowed for more variety in the remixed challenges, giving even more room to offer new obstacles that span the entire franchise. While not a terrible shortcoming of the collection, it would have been something very cool to have.


Despite a few shortcomings that would have made this a definitive collection of classic games, Mega Man Legacy Collection is still a solid compilation for old and new fans alike. The little details like the remixed music in menus and concept art are great touches to a series of iconic games. It’s very nice to finally see the Blue Bomber receive a respectable handling of his contributions to gaming history.

This collection may not feel as complete as it should without the last few games in the series, but this is definitely not something Mega Man fans will want to miss out picking up. This is the absolute best way to play the six NES classic Mega Man titles to date.

This review was based on a digital review copy of Mega Man Legacy Collection for the PlayStation 4 provided by Capcom.

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