Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD Review – Court’s Back in Session

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The original Phoenix Wright game was first released on the Nintendo DS back in 2005. It was an interesting game that blended dramatic, comedic storytelling with the interactivity of the DS touch screen. The game was popular enough to spawn two more sequels and a series of spin-off games staring different characters and more unique mysteries. In case you missed the chance to play these games back on the Nintendo DS, Capcom is releasing the first three original Phoenix Wright titles onto one collection for the Nintendo 3DS with the aptly named Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD. This trilogy comes with a few neat additions that fans of Phoenix Wright will enjoy and newcomers to the series will definitely appreciate.


Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD doesn’t do much to break from what we’re used to; the game’s stories and gameplay mechanics mostly remain unchanged from their original releases. Phoenix Wright is an attorney helping to defend clients on cases of murder and other foul play. Each of the three games has a series of chapters that are divided into different cases that all have varying stories. Most of the interactive sections happen on the touchscreen in relation to what is happening during the story, both in and out of the courtroom. Those already familiar with the scenarios will not find many new additions beyond what was included in previous releases of these games.

Not everything is copy and paste, however. The visuals that the series is known for have all been redrawn and cleaned up across all three games. The Phoenix Wright titles have always had a stylized look to them, which is only enhanced further through the HD refinement. The use of the 3DS’ 3D effect does add some extra depth to the visuals, but is not a huge deal as one may expect. Also made better is the translation from the original Japanese releases of all three games. The dialogue is now more true to the original dialogue with little mistakes in the translations, so every joke and pun is as they were originally intended to be.


A neat option added into Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is the ability to change from English to Japanese language before starting a chapter in each game. While the translations for English are as true as they can possibly be, the inclusion of the original Japanese language dialogue is a welcome addition.

The voice acting and sound from those releases are also included with the Japanese track, which is great for those who want to experience these titles in their original Japanese renditions. It would have been nice to have the option to select Japanese dialogue with English text, but that is a small nitpick from what is already offered in this collection.


There really isn’t a lot to complain about with Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD. If you’re coming in with crazy interactive gameplay on your mind, this isn’t the kind of game for you. What you get here are three titles that are comedic, well-written interactive dramas that should be seen by everyone at some point. The characters are funny and unique, the scenarios have that fun element of mystery to them, and the payoff they provide is the same level of gratification given from seeing a great TV episode. This is a trilogy of games that take something as bland and boring as going to court and makes it fun and interesting to see through.

If you’ve never played a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game before, then Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is a great place to get familiar with the series. You just may find yourself screaming out “OBJECTION” to anyone who disagrees with you on something.

This review was based off a digital copy of Phoenix Wright Trilogy for Nintendo 3DS provided by Capcom.

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