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Sometimes you just have to let yourself go in order to have the most fun, even if that means getting a little gross in the process. That’s part of the silliness and charm of Pig Eat Ball, a simple to control action-adventure game with a hint of party puzzle elements that can get a little messy. Gobbling up different items like tennis balls and stars is the heart of the game, but this is made a little more complex with an adventure mode and story that will take you to various space stations filled with all sorts of ridiculously weird characters. None of it makes a whole lot of sense, but it’s definitely fun and interesting.

Adventure mode in Pig Eat Ball will have you in control of the daughter of King Cake, Princess Bow. Much of the story starts off with King Cake trying to wed his daughter off and Bow trying to avoid it by joining the Royal Games. It’s a silly, sometimes gross, over-the-top story that has a sense of humor. At times the dialogue can get a little too tongue-in-cheek or self-aware, but the tone is consistent throughout all the events that transpire. If you don’t mind humor that can toggle between silly, gross, and sarcastic at random points, then you’ll chuckle at a few witty lines of dialogue.

There are around 200 different stage puzzles to complete, each with different objectives and goals to accomplish, which earn you pearls to progress through various space stations that the game takes place in. The controls are simple and don’t require a steep learning curve, which is great for arcade style games that want to get you into the action fast. Most of the time, you can complete stages fairly easy without much hassle.

Eventually however, the difficulty increases gradually and requires you to be clever with how you accomplish objectives to get the highest ratings. Eating objects can cause you to grow larger and slow down, which forces you to figure out the best paths and shortcuts to finishing each stage. The gross factor can skyrocket when you’re forced to vomit up the items you gathered. They can also be re-eaten shortly after, which the game doesn’t shy away from making VERY obvious from the start. If you’re already on board with the game’s humor then this shouldn’t bother you since the game never goes too far, though there is a possibility not everyone will be able to stomach the grossness.

Boss fights mix things up as well, with some really outrageous looking foes and wild situations that match up nicely with the story’s tone. Bosses aren’t impossibly hard, but will definitely provide a challenge during adventure mode. How does trying to outwit a giant beer drinking bug or dragonfly cat with tennis rackets for wings as a boss battle sound? If that sounds super weird and crazy to you, then don’t worry because the game gets even weirder the more you play.

There’s a multiplayer Party mode that has you and up to three friends competing against each other. If you don’t have any friends to play with nearby, you can still enter the mode and play against CPU opponents. As soon as you jump in, you’re quickly given objectives to eat a certain number of objects or gather stars to win. These can get chaotic with everyone roaming around frantically to complete the objective, which can be very fun with a full group of human players. Alone with the CPU this is still fun, but nowhere near as enjoyable. Stages are based on the areas you visit in the adventure mode, but you have access to all of them as soon as you boot up the game, so there’s no need to unlock them in adventure mode. There’s no online mode to connect with others, but if you’re more about playing multiplayer games locally with your friends then this shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Pig Eat Ball is simple to get into, humorous, and overall fun to play. It’s humor and cheeky nature might not be for everybody, but its approach to action and puzzle gameplay will get everyone into the spirit of it. The visuals look great and the creativity of its world is both unique and bizarre. It you like games that can stand out as different, yet still be engaging with their gameplay, Pig Eat Ball will definitely have something for you to chew on.

This review is based on a digital review code for Pig Eat Ball on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Mommy’s Best Games.

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