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Velocity Ultra was a game that put a heavy emphasis on speed and reaction time. Developed by FuturLab, the game has many characteristics similar to classics in the top-down shooter genre. From the fast-paced action that causes you to never blink, to the various collectibles that are scattered throughout different spots in a level, Velocity Ultra was a game that gave players plenty of value to play through over and over again.

The newly released sequel Velocity 2X takes everything that we loved about the first game, and gives it a big fat dose of caffeine and sets everything into overdrive. This is the kind of game that not only provides an endless amount of super-fast fun and replayability on your PlayStation 4, but also the game you unconsciously always wanted on your PlayStation Vita.

The story of Velocity 2X revolves around a heroine captured while on a mission that has gone awry. While escaping from her captures, she comes across an alien, whose race has been enslaved and forced to work for devious purposes. Although not super deep in nature, the story elements and dialogue sections are meaty enough to complement the fast action, but never come off as shallow or uninteresting.

There is no voice-over at all, as all the story is told through text, but the soundtrack in and out of levels is what sets up the atmosphere and tone of the game. Expect to hear some great musical tracks that will get you pumped up as you jet through each level of the game. During story sections, the music takes a more otherworldly tone to calm you down and soak in all the details of what is happening.


Here, speed and precision is everything when trying to get the best score and completion rating in each level. The game encourages you to speed through each stage while simultaneously rescuing hostages, collecting crystals, and destroying all enemies on the stage. Although tedious and difficult at first for some out there, the payoff and satisfaction is well worth putting the time into playing through each stage over and over again. But don’t think that this game only has a few levels to play, rinse, and repeat through. You’ll be tackling through 50 levels of nonstop, twitch-speed action that will test your reaction time while providing an interesting story that complements the game’s fast-paced nature.

Unlike its predecessor, this game spices things up with all new on-foot platforming sections that are seamlessly integrated with the top-down shooter gameplay. Never once do any of the on-foot sections slow the action down. Instead, they keep the momentum going fast and make for some interesting quick puzzle sections in some levels. Switching between both top-down shooter and platforming keeps things fresh and forces you to stay on your toes with your precision and reactions when trying to aim for that perfect score. While on foot, instead of rescuing hostages you’ll be collecting crystals that add further to your score at the end of each level. There are still enemies to take out while running around the challenging platforming, which has some similar elements from the traditional shooter sections, but with unique aspects that are both tough and exciting.


For those with multiple PlayStation platforms, this is a cross-buy, cross-save title that you can play on all your systems. On the go, this is an ideal game for PlayStation Vita. The levels are short enough for those who just want that quick fix of gameplay while traveling from place to place. On PlayStation 4 the game looks gorgeous on the big screen and provides just as much satisfaction as playing on the go. On the big screen, the soundtrack and visuals really shine and sound beautiful in more ways than one. No matter where you play, you’re going to love it a lot and not stop playing.


Velocity 2X is a hell of a great game. It works well on the go, it plays damn good on your home console, and it’s cross-buy and cross-saving across your PlayStation platforms. The game not only provides you with plenty of challenge and fairness, but a great amount of satisfaction when conquering the many levels in it.

It’s incredibly hard to pick out faults in a game that does so many things right. Hands down I can say with full confidence, Velocity 2X is a game you want to keep on playing on your PlayStation 4, and the game you’ve always deserved to boot up on your PlayStation Vita. Anyone would be super foolish to miss out on playing it.

This review was based on a digital copy of Velocity 2X provided by FuturLab for the PlayStation Vita. The game is also available on the PlayStation 4.

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