Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Booster Packs Impressions (Part 2)

Time to cast a booster spell...

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Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo takes a look at the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game by opening up a selection of booster packs available in English. The booster packs are ppart of the Opus 1, 2 & 3 sets for the Final Fantasy TCG. The cards that you get in each Opus set vary, with different characters and monsters that appear from throughout the Final Fantasy series. But some of charm comes from a number of new cards included in the most recent set that feature a number of fan favorites, including some from upcoming games like Dissidia NT and Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Are Final Fantasy fans going to want to buy up all of these cards? Make sure to watch the full unboxing to find out! Be sure to stay tuned for Part 1 of our look at the Final Fantasy trading card game, where we’ll look at some of the Starter Decks for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game!

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