Final Fantasy XV Panel and New Footage Drops at PAX East 2015

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It’s very safe to assume that everyone has been waiting for Final Fantasy XV to release on current-gen consoles for a long time. For some out there who’ve been following the game since it was called Versus XIII, maybe the wait has been far too long at best.

After the bad run of games that was the Final Fantasy XIII saga, a lot of gamers seemed to have lost faith with what Final Fantasy XV may bring to the table, myself included among those skeptics. Yet as more and more new videos and details began to come out about FFXV, I found myself becoming intrigued by what was revealed. Despite the game’s long development cycle being a nuisance to everyone, many of us began to have our faith restored in what may very well be Square Enix’s most important release in recent years.

The new Episode Duscae demo footage shown during Square Enix’s panel at PAX East raises the hype level bar. Seeing the new footage caused my inner fandom of Final Fantasy to rise, yet also overwhelmed me at the same time. I feel Square Enix is not only displaying how Final Fantasy XV is showcasing the more beloved aspects of the series, but aiming to evolve what we know and love about Final Fantasy. The action-packed battles, the deep customization, the interesting character designs, and of course the exploration world is all here in spectacular fashion. This is a Final Fantasy for a new generation, and one that looks to be done in all the right ways.

Below are some videos (courtesy of GamesHQMedia) for those who want to see the good stuff!

Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Gameplay – Combat System Tutorial (Demo)

Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy 15 Demo – All Characters Gameplay (PS4)

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Outpost Trailer

Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy 15 – Buddies Trailer

Getting excited for the release of any AAA game can at times be a set up for disappointment. Yet there is no denying that the PAX East presentation of Final Fantasy XV has hit a sweet spot for a lot of us. The Episode Duscae demo, set to release on March 17th and included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, promises to deliver not only a snippet of things to come, but lead into an expectation-shattering RPG experience that we’ve wanted for a long time. The hype around Square Enix’s latest iteration in the fabled Final Fantasy series is incredibly real.

Are you excited for the release of Final Fantasy XV? Will you be picking up the Episode Duscae demo along with your Final Fantasy Type-0 HD game? Leave a comment below and tell us how you feel.

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