Gamer Gauntlet Controversy: PART 2 – Money Matches CEO Exclusive Interview

Why the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise got exposed...

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In a follow up to our EXCLUSIVE interview with Gamer Tech Events founder Curtis Smith on the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise from yesterday, our very own Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo sits down for another interview with Zach, the CEO of Money Matches, about the Gamer Gauntlet cruise controversy. Zach was the one who posted videos on his periscope that pointed out the accusations and events behind the scenes about the Gamer Gauntlet cruise from Gamer Tech Events.

During this follow-up interview, Jakejames asks Zach about everything that lead up to the videos being posted online, as well as Money Matches’ involvement with the cruise. All of the extra important info you wanted to know is covered in this 1-on-1 exclusive interview.

Was there more happening with the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise than what was said heard online? Make sure you listen the full video to find out!

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