Gamer Gauntlet Controversy PART 3 – Video Gamers United CEO Exclusive Interview

Was the cruise a scam from the start?

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Back in early 2017, the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise came under scrutiny due to allegations from various people about the event being a scam. We had an EXCLUSIVE interview with Gamer Tech Events founder Curtis Smith about the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise and asked about the criticism of the event. In a follow up to that interview, Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo sat down with the CEO of Money Matches, Zach Smith, for another Exclusive interview about the controversy, which offered even more details and clarification on the events surrounding the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise from Gamer Tech Events.

Both interviews helped to give the full story about everything in addition to what was being reported, but now Jakejames has another exclusive interview that gives th full background about the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise, and even more clarification on the allegations of the event being a major scam.

In this 1-on-1 interview, Jakejames sits down with Cesar Diaz, the CEO of Video Gamers United to discuss a number of new details about the whole situation. Cesar had worked with Curtis Smith in the past for other events related to his company, before the announcement of the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise. However, due to a series of events involving bad business, failed events, and very shady practices behind the scenes; things ended up taking a turn for the worse in the form of legal council and court cases.

Cesar provides info from documents, including a Cease & Desist and open letter to companies involved with the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise, that detail some of the behind the scenes turmoil that gives insight into the failure of the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise.

Open letter sent to various companies concerned about Video Gamers United involvement with events promoted by Curtis Smith, including the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise.


First page of Cease & Desist sent to Curtis Smith regarding his actions before and leading up to the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise event.

Does this new information provide insight that the Gamer Gauntlet Cruise was a complete fraud from the beginning?  Make sure you listen the full discussion to find out all of the details!

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