Lexip 3D Pro Mouse Unboxing & Impressions

No more toying around...

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In this new unboxing & impressions video, Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo gives his thoughts on the Lexip 3D Pro mouse. This computer mouse is built with two joysticks and seven programmable buttons for a variety of functions and uses. Jakejames takes a look at what’s inside the package and even gets to use the mouse with a quick game of Wolfenstein 3D.

But is this mouse one that will replace you current one? Or should you skip out on it for something else? Watch the full unboxing and impressions to find out the truth!

Did you enjoy this unboxing and impressions video? Thinking of picking up the Lexip 3D Pro for yourself? Want to see something featured in our unboxing and impressions series? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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