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In this exclusive interview, Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo chats with author Meagan Marie about her new book, Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play. Meagan has worked in the games industry for a number of years, including having done work over at Crystal Dyanmics, Game Informer, and more. Her upcoming book is set to release on December 4th 2018 and will be avaliable in all book stores and online outlets where gaming books are for sold.

During this interview, both Jakejames and Meagan discuss the creation of Women in Gaming: 100 Pros of Play, what Meagan hopes to accomplish in the gaming industry with her new book, and what other great stuff everyone should look forward to with the book’s upcoming release. And will there be a follow-up to it? Check out the full interview to find out all the details!

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