Pokémon PS4 Controller Designed By The Controller People Unboxing & Impressions

Pokémon on PlayStation?!?!?!?

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Do you like PlayStation, do you like Pokémon? How about if the two of them combined? In this new unboxing and impressions video, Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo checks out and gives his thoughts on a custom PS4 controller designed by UK company The Controller People. This controller not only has unique artwork on the entire controller, but also sports a few extra modifications that make it completely different than your standard DualShock controller from PlayStation.

But is this modded controller the ultimate combination of two great things? Or should you stick this thing right back into it’s Poké Ball? Find out by watching the full unboxing and impressions video! And check out the official Controller People website for more custom designs for PlayStation controllers! You can also check out the Build Shop page they have, so you can customize the controllers you want to see!

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