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If you’re an avid fighting game fan, love entering tournaments, or have an affinity for the characters in games like Street Fighter, then you’re probably familiar with the Street Fighter subreddit. Its a place where people gather online and post various content related to the Street Fighter series. One of the on-going pieces of content is a podcast called r/SF Radio, hosted by Joe Munday, one of the moderators of the Street Fighter subreddit and author of the book “Gief’s Gym.

As part of the show and the start of a new segment for r/SF Radio, Joe invited me to be his first guest on the show. The two of us chatted about Street Fighter as a series, as well as discuss a few of the topics pulled directly from the subreddit users. In addition, both Joe and myself unpacked and discussed a recent editorial about Ultra Street Fighter 2 that I had written for The Koalition. The show is rough about an hour and full of fighting game and other FGC talk that fans and FGC aficionados will enjoy and appreciate.

If you want to see more of r/SF Radio, you can visit the Reddit Street Fighter forum to check out the entire subreddit of posts and topics. Joe publishes has new episodes of r/SF Radio on the official YouTube channel, as well as on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Did you enjoy seeing this collaboration? Have some thoughts about anything talked about or related to the Street Fighter series? Think you can take everyone in a best of five set? Let us know in the comment section below and let your voice be heard!

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