Retro-Bit Platinum Series Tribute 64 Game Pads Unboxing and Impressions

64 bits of control....

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On this unboxing and impressions, Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo unboxes and gives his thoughts on a new series of classic game controllers from Retro-Bit. The Platinum Series Tribute 64 Controller is designed for fans of Nintendo 64 games. With a model that works via USB and connects to the original N64 hardware, you can relive the fun of playing classic games in the modern day.

With compatibility on both PC and classic consoles, the Tribute 64 brings back the fun of playing on N64. So should you buy it quickly and start playing? Or are there better controllers out there to relive the golden days of the Nintendo 64? Check out the unboxing and impressions video to find out!

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