T-K Spotlight – Richard Masucci (ReviewTechUSA, YouTube Commentator)

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T-K Spotlight is an on-going series that showcases phenomenal individuals who have done a lot for the gaming industry and how they have helped many people in & out of the gaming community through their craft.

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On this episode of T-K Spotlight, we have a very special guest from the realm of YouTube. Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo brings on Richard Masucci to the show, who is better known online as Rich from ReviewTechUSA on YouTube. During their chat, the two of them discuss running a large channel on YouTube and what it takes to reach that point and maintain it. Jakejames also sees what Rich thinks about some of the crazier events that have happened on YouTube since the start of 2018.

PLUS: Jakejames and Rich talk about the gaming media and its relationship with content creators, as well as why the Nintendo Switch is such a big success for Nintendo. If you’re a ReviewTechUSA fan or someone that loves gaming personalities collide, then this is the episode for you. Check out the full discussion and share it around with everyone!

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