T-K Spotlight – Victor Lucas (TV Host, Executive Producer, and CEO )

It's a tough job, somebody has to do it!

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T-K Spotlight is an on-going series that showcases phenomenal individuals who have done a lot for the gaming industry and how they have helped many people in & out of the gaming community through their craft. If you missed out on our previous episode with Malik Forté, check it out here!

On this episode of TK Spotlight, Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo has a fun chat with TV host, executive producer, and CEO of EP Media Victor Lucas. Victor has been a part of gaming for many years, not only founding Electric Playground back in 1995, but also as an on-camera host with G4TV on shows like Judgement Day. In addition to gaming, Victor has created content that spans a wide range over geek culture, including movies and comics, that has been featured on various TV networks and YouTube. Jakejames and Victor deep dive into what its like creating content online, as well as the trials one has getting into the field, both then and now.

(NOTE: There were some mild audio issues with the intro, so we added a new intro before the full convo.)

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