The Gamer Gauntlet Cruise Controversy – Curtis Smith Exclusive Interview

Has this party sunk already?

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Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo sits down with Curtis Smith, the founder of Gamer Tech Events, to talk about the recent news happening around the Gamer Gauntlet cruise event. Videos from a periscope stream have circulated around social media blaming the company for being disingenuous with their planning of the cruise, as well as other serious accusations about the event.

During the interview, Jakejames covers all of the major questions that everyone wants to know and the lingering doubt about the Gamer Gauntlet cruise. The sponsors, the planned events, the celebrities, and everything else in-between gets covered in this 1-on-1 chat.

Has the controversy and talk online hurt its chances from being a success? Make sure you check out the full interview to find out.

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