F. Mills Blog: Guess I’m a Sony Fanboy

I talked to a homie last night who reminded me of all the good times we used to have gaming. Even though I had a PS1 back in the day I could always go over to my people’s house and pull all night sessions on Diddy Kong Racing and Perfect Dark on the 64. Those days are long gone though.

If I play Madden these days with a crowd of people I am guaranteed to hear one of two statements “Why you got this on the PS3?” or “PS3 wack”. I’m about to sound like a Sony fanboy with what I am about to say, but it’s how I feel… Microsoft bringing direct competition to Sony’s this generation has made things worse for me as a gamer. It would have been cool if Microsoft came along, did its thing, and everybody loved and accepted it without hate, but that is far from the reality I face.

I prefer my PS3 over my Xbox 360, but it seems I have to be drawn into battle because of it. Week after week I face interactions that entice the flames of war. No matter who I converse with about gaming, a fanboy-like conversation seems to come from the shadows and numbers seem to be the driving force behind a lot of my encounters.

The numbers are the numbers as people like to say, but numbers have single-handedly corrupted the fun of gaming conversation this generation. Everyone is a casualty when it comes to this fanboy war. I realize that now and throw in the towel. Be on the lookout for a very interesting Co-op podcast next week. With that being said, Happy 15th Anniversary PS1. The GOAT console in my eyes.

P.S… I’m still playing my 360

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