The Koalition is an exclusive club of video game journalists, personalities, and enthusiasts. We felt there were voices in the gaming industry that weren’t being heard, so we got together to amplify as one united voice. We call ourselves The Koalition because we all come from different backgrounds, countries, races, but we have two things in common we love video games and we love hip hop. Think you got what it takes to hang with the game industry’s first secret society?

The Koalition has quickly become the dominant new voice in gaming, With features on top sites/publications such as CNN, Black Enterprise, TruTV, Kotaku, ThisIs50, GamePro, Shade45, Complex, 2Dopeboyz, Konsole Kingz and even collaborations with Xbox Live. The Koalition was also the 2009 Black Weblog Award winner for best technology site/blog.

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