Power Book V: Influence Is Cancelled, But Could a London Spinoff Take Its Place?

The Power Universe is a massive hit at Starz with four successful Power shows under its belt, but could Starz expand the universe overseas.

According to Deadline there are plans for a London-based Power spinoff, a project Kathryn Busby, President of Original Programming at Starz, wouldn’t comment on.

“I am not at liberty to answer anything in that vein except to say what we love about Power is the potential to spinoff and to spinoff successfully which we have done,” she said. “Which in theory, we would love to do again. I love that you’re hearing it.”

When the original Power series concluded in 2020, 50 Cent and the show’s co-creator and co-executive producers Courtney A. Kemp announced four spin-offs were greenlit by STARZ. Since then, Starz has delivered on Power Book II: Ghost, which focuses on the life of Tariq St. Patrick, the son of Ghost from the original series, as he goes to college while rising as a drug dealer. Power Book III: Raising Kanan, which the prequel to Power that focuses on a young Kanan Stark and his crime family, and then there’s Power Book IV: Force, which captures the new life of Tommy Egan, Ghost’s best friend and drug operation partner.

The next spin-off was scheduled to be Power Book V: Influence starring Larenz Tate. It was set to detail his life in the political world as a councilman in New York and his second run as a governor. Unfortunately, it was revealed in an interview with Variety, STARZ is no longer moving forward with that spin-off.

Busby, spoke to the publication and confirmed the cancellation during their conversation. While that may come as bad news to some (I thought it would offer a refreshing perspective), additional reports seem to have confirmed plans for a new Power spin-off.

Even while the universe continues to expand and evolve, fans refuse to let, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, portrayed by Omari Hardwick in Power stay dead. Despite, the finality of his death in the final season of the series at the hands of his son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) there are new conspiracy theories popping up about James being alive.

One thing Busby did confirm James “Ghost” St. Patrick is absolutely dead and gone from the series. “I don’t think you’re alone in that hope,” Busby said when asked about the possibility of Ghost’s return. “But…Ghost died,” she added with stern finality.

Even though James is dead and gone, his story is alive and well as it continues through Tariq and his quest to establish himself as an underworld boss—just like his father. Ghost’s murder overshadowed most of Season 1 of the spinoff as Tariq’s mom Tasha (Naturi Naughton) desperately tried to get out of jail after taking the rap for her husband’s murder. She succeeds by pinning the crime on Ghost’s former friend and business associate Tommy Egan before having to enter the witness protection with her young daughter.

In an Avengers moment, Tommy even made a surprise cameo at the end of Season 1 prepared to kill Tasha and Tariq, but he instead heads to Chicago where his journey begins in Power Book IV: Force.

While Ghost is dead, fans can still hold out hope of a Ghost prequel spinoff following the character during his teenage years.

In this video above, we discuss Power Book V: Influence’s cancellation and the possible London-based Power spin-off.

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