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The 20 Most Outrageous GTA V Snapmatic Pictures

by on October 28, 2013  

Ever since the release of Rockstar’s premier title Grand Theft Auto V, users have had a vast open world to explore and play with. There are tonnes of potential variables that could occur within this open world; some are scripted during missions or events, some are manufactured by the thousands of players.

Lucky for us, Rockstar included an Instagram parody app within the players mobile phone. Before, in GTA IV, we could only take pictures and view them on our phone screens for a few seconds. Now in GTA V, these pictures can be saved to Rockstar’s cloud server and displayed on their Social Club website. Who knows – maybe in the future we might see a Vine parody app that allows users to record 6 seconds of madness within the game.

Below, you will find (in no particular order) 20 of the most outrageous “Snapmatic” pictures that have been taken by the massive GTA V online community.

20 – Pillbox Hill – Created by CamzaDog

This poor guy was on his way to work. How he ended up in that position is anyone’s guess!

19 – Océano Pacífico – Created by MILINKO81

This shark managed to photo-bomb Franklin when he was sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

18 – Rockford Hills – Created by barnettsufc

I’ve tried to figure it out, but I still can’t think of how barnettsufc got this car inside Michael’s mansion!

17 – “M.I.B” – Created by ipkicks

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith make cameo appearances in GTA V!

16 – “Holy s***!!” – Created by HKGamer371

It seems like Trevor had a dangerous curry the night before! Thankfully, he’s got a first aid kit at hand.

15 – Mount Chiliad – Created by LukaX23

LukaX23 got together with a group of friends and travelled up Mount Chiliad to create this snap.

14 – Rockford Hills – Created by RedStep

Tracey and Amanda seem to be having a hot flush. I think that’s a toasted Jimmy!

13 – Pacific Bluffs – Created by dpwdpwdpw

dpwdpwdpw catches another player having a good time.

12 – “Parque natural del monte Chiliad” – Created by tunriida

There are no words for this one. [Click for uncensored version]

11 – Rockford Hills – Created by Yelsew_Robin

Seems like the De Santa’s maid has drank too much of Michael’s whiskey!

10 – “Royale With Cheese” – Created by Hjango

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield visit Burger Shot to get a Royale with cheese.

9 – Alta Street – Created by NARK061

It seems like Franklin and Bub The Zombie are getting along nicely!

8 – Smoke Tree Road – Created by Caporio

In GTA V, we seen the introduction of dogs AND dogging.

7 – Rockford Hills – Created by dougiebear

I think the De Santa’s have enough maids!

6 – Baytree Canyon Rd – Created by filletri

From what looks like a rape scene, instead of helping out, filletri thought he’d Snapmatic dat! [Click for uncensored version]

5 – San Andreas – Created by YannVegita

It looks like Los Santos has some visitors!

4 – “Austin 3:16″ – Created by L3ftyGUNS

Something tells me that I don’t think Los Santos’ finest can help this guy out.

3 – El Burro Heights – Created by Panimeen

It looks like Panimeen has been having some fun!

2 – Rockford Hills – Created by Smuttysy

Saying that this was a close call is an understatement.

1 – Los Santos Legend – Created by Double991

This one gets a special mention due to the amount of effort Double991 put into this picture!

There we have it. Some outrageous scenes within the world of Grand Theft Auto, but what else is new?

Do you think you have more outrageous pictures on your Snapmatic account? Share them in the comments section below.

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