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Pimax Sets The Gold Standard In VR Headsets With The Crystal Super and Crystal Light

Pimax, an innovator in VR headsets, announced their two new high end VR headsets during their Frontier 2024 event on Monday. The Crystal Super and Crystal light offer next generation features that even surpass the quality of the recently released Apple Vision Pro.

The Crystal Super is their ultra high end VR headset with 29.5 million pixels and the first ever interchangeable optical engine. The Super allows you to change the panels from QLED and micro-OLED, offering different specs depending on your budget. The micro-OLED, which offers rich blacks and deep colors we’ve all come to know and love, offers a refresh rate of up to 120hz and the QLED boast rates up to 90hz. The QLED comes with interchangeable glass aspheric lenses and the micro-OLED has glass pancake lenses.

The Super also boasts a massive FOV, integrated audio, eye tracking and a brightness of 200 nits. The Super will retail starting at $1799.

The Crystal Light is touted as the budget PCVR for everyone. It boasts a 2880 x 2880 resolution per eye, a max refresh rate of 120hz and glass aspheric lenses. The weight is 30% lighter than it’s predecessor, the Crystal. The Crystal will launch starting at $699 and is estimated to launch in May of 2024.

Pimax also announced the Crystal Airlink 60g, which is an accessory for the original Pimax Crystal that gives it wireless functionality. This will add a transmitter and receiver which can be used to untether your Crystal from your PC.

Pimax has stated that the Pimax Crystal 60G Airlink module will:

  • Support the full resolution at 2880 x 2880 resolution per eye
  • Requires minimal compression
  • Supports 90 Hz refresh rate
  • Ultra-low latency
  • The expected battery life is 2 to 3 hours

The Airlink 60G will launch with a $299 price tag in 2024.

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