Dark Souls 3 Screenshots, Information May Have Leaked

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According to information received by the guys over at Rooster Teeth, it seems like we might finally have concrete evidence that Dark Souls 3 will be coming out, and most likely announced at E3.

In the video below, the people at “The Know” break down some concept art and screenshots they received, along with breaking down some of what we can expect in the game. You can watch the whole video below, but here is a rundown of what we may see in the next From Software game:

  • PC release ‘negotiable’. It seems like as with every From Software game, the PC release will be something that may or may not happen. Hang in there, PC gamers.
  • 1-4 Players.
  • 10 Playable Classes
  • 45 New Enemies
  • 15 New Bosses
  • 100 New Weapons
  • 40 New Armor Sets
  • 200 New Items (spells, rings, consumables)
  • 60 Minutes of Cutscenes (mostly in engine rather than pre-rendered)
  • 12 Areas in the game (content will be similar to the original Dark Souls)
  • “Sacrificing” enemies will allow you to invade other players games. Sacrificing will also cause your game to change; enemy layouts will change, bonfires may spawn, and NPC’s can be summoned.
  • Boss’ will “heat up” during battles; changing during fight to make the battle more difficult.
  • Sword Fighting Arts will be introduced. Essentially, they will act as special abilities for your character.

This information would obviously mean a ton of new content for the game, and while this leak may seem pretty credible due to how real the art and screenshots appear, it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt. Of course, all should be revealed to us in about two weeks, when From Software will either announce Dark Souls 3, or keep us waiting.

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