David Jaffe Wants Gaming “Insiders” To Stop Ruining E3

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Everyone loves the art of the surprise. The weeks and months of planning, the delight of thinking about the shocked faces of those who have no idea what’s in store.

E3 is the Superbowl of gaming, not just some random show developers and studios attend. They don’t just spew out information off the top of their heads. It take years of hard work and preparation for their presentations. They keep the best of the best, they go through painstaking hours of editing their videos, and going over their scripts.

Now just imagine all of their hard work gone… in a blink of an eye. Why? When some person calling themselves an “insider” decides how enjoyable it would be to spoil the surprise. Not fair, right?

David Jaffe, the once director of God of War and Twisted Metal, who is now spearheading Drawn to Death, made his viewpoint known in as series of tweets.

Spoiler Alert: He’s not too pleased.

Whether or not these “insiders” personally spoil the show is debatable, but the bigger issues lies in fans believing publishers don’t share enough with their fans, which then feed these “insiders” in wanting to reveal what they know. Either way the issue is very controversial, with strong opinions on both sides of the Mario coin. Maybe “insiders” shouldn’t reveal so much.

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