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PS4 Update 2.50 to Add Suspend/Resume, Remote/Share Play at 60fps, and More

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The PlayStation 4 will be getting another major update soon. Update 2.50 or “Yukimura” will have the long awaited Suspend/Resume feature as well as a host of other improvements the PlayStation fans have asked for.

Suspend/Resume lets players resume most games from where they left them, even if they put the PS4 into standby mode. This feature was announced when the PS4 was unveiled two years ago so it is good to see it finally make its debut.

Users will be able to upgrade sub-accounts into master accounts when they turn 18. This means that they’ll be able to fund their own wallet, make purchases, have chat restrictions lifted, and more. As of now this can be done on Sony’s entertainment site but this feature will allow players to do it directly from their PS4s.

The ability to search for friends who have PlayStation accounts on Facebook will be implemented as well. If one of your Facebook buds has a PS system, you’ll be able to find them a lot easier.

Remote Play and Share Play will now allow for both 30fps and 60fps. This means that if a game runs at 60fps it can be displayed that way to your friends who jump into your session via Share Play or to your PlayStation Vita when you do Remote Play.

Every gamer is different so with that in mind, update 2.50 will have a wide variety of accessibility options. The biggest one being that you will now be able to map buttons on the DualShock 4 in any way you want. Also included is “text to speech, enlarged text, bolder fonts, higher contrast UI, zoom for displayed pictures, invert colors on screen, and more.”

Trophies will be getting a bit of an update as well. Whenever you earn a trophy, a screenshot will be automatically taken. Also, new sorting options will be available such as letting you remove games which have 0% trophies.

Finally, the ability to share clips to Daily Motion will also be added. This will work just the same as sharing clips to Facebook and Twitter.

This seems like the PS4’s most robust update yet. Sony says there will be more news about “Yukimura” so stay tuned for that as it becomes available.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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