The Co-op Podcast #98: Could EA Survive Without Microsoft and Sony?

Welcome to episode 98 of the Co-op podcast. We’re two weeks away from the big one, but in the meantime there’s much to discuss during this busy gaming month. This week Charles Singletary and Michael A once again debated over whether EA Access is a valuable service. During this debate the discussion turned to the question of whether EA could survive without Sony and Microsoft. They’re one of the publishers that has a lot of power because of their licenses, so they could pretty much sell directly to their consumers on whatever platform they choose.

But could they realistically survive without publishing on the two biggest consoles on the market? On the contrary, could Sony and Microsoft survive without EA? There are many Fifa and Madden only gamers in the world, so it’s definitely an interesting thought. Let us know what you think.


There have been a number of Fallout 4 hoaxes, but we feel like a reveal of the next Fallout is long over due. Are we ever going to see this game announced? If so, when would be a realistic time to expect it? Which city would the game be based in?

We also discuss the complaints about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s funeral scene. Is it really offensive to troops? Are people just complaining for the sake of complaining? Be sure to listen to our rants on this subject.

Also discussed this week

Overwatched announced by Blizzard at BlizzCon 2014
– Grand theft auto gets a first-person mode. How big a deal is this?
– Ubisoft removes Assassin’s creed: Unity, The Crew and Far Cry 4 listings from Steam
– Are season passes ever worth it?

This week’s panel: Gary Swaby (Host), Richard Bailey Jr., Charles Singletary Jr., Michael A.


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