The Co-op Podcast 87: Will Rise of the Tomb Raider be Uncharted for Xbox?

On episode 87 of The Co-op Podcast We discuss Phil Spencer’s comments about wanting an Uncharted like game on the Xbox platform. This is what lead them to the decision of paying Square Enix to make Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive, but will the game be able to achieve everything Naughty Dog has in their blockbuster IP? Will the fact that it’s also releasing on the Xbox 360 hold it back from achieving greatness? We discuss it in length.

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Also discussed on this episode:

– Konami has shown footage of an Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain online mode. What are our expectations for the online component of MGS:V? Will this be as good as Metal Gear Online? Are there more modes?

– The Last Guardian supposedly won’t be showing up at TGS, we touched on this slightly last week, but what are our thoughts on this now? Will we ever see this game? Is it time to give up hope?

– Guess what? Street Fighter 4 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One. What do we feel about this? Do we feel cheated?

– Microsoft are testing out offering games for free for 24 hours (on Xbox Live), will this become some sort of subscription (perhaps part of XBL Gold)? Is it a game changer?

All this and more.

This week’s panel: Richard Bailey Jr. (Host), Gary A. Swaby, Jakejames Lugo, Tony Polanco, Austin Conway, Michael A.

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