Blockbuster Now Offers Online Game Rentals in the Entire US

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With people having little reason to drive to their local Blockbusters to pay inflated instore prices, Blockbuster has been in a fight for its existence for a while now. Netflix dominates the online movie rental market and Gamefly has the online video gaming segment cornered.

Now Blockbuster looks to do what neither service does and offer both movies and games online nationwide for one flat price. I for one welcome the competition. If I didnt have 10 months left on my Gamefly prepaid service I would be willing to give Blockbuster a chance. The math speaks for itself.

Gamefly prices

* 1 game out at a time-$15.95 per month
* 2 games out at a time-$22.95 per month
* 3 games out at a time-$29.95 per month

Blockbuster Prices

* 1 game/movie out at a time-$8.99 per month
* 2 games/movies out at a time-$13.99 per month
* 3 games/movies out at a time-$16.99 per month

So whats the verdict? Will this breed new life into Blockbuster or will they end up selling Montana Fishburne DVD’s to recover the cost of failing?

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