Burger King Kinect Games Coming To Xbox 360

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The home of the famous Whopper burger is returning to your Xbox 360 later this year. Burger King has announced that they are bring more of the King’s sucky adventures to the Xbox 360 and will be using Microsoft’s latest motion tech, Kinect. No word on how many or what type of games they’re planning to release, but they’ll involve motion, oh the irony.

To serve as a reminder, this is not the companies first trip to the Xbox 360. Burger King games made their debut on the home console back in 2006 with Big Bumpin’, Sneak King, and Pocketbike Racer. Played two of those games and they surprisingly weren’t the worst games I’ve ever played. At a $4 dollar value, the price of a whopper meal, I wouldn’t be against taking home one of these Kinect games. Plus, easy achievements!

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