Demon’s Souls Finally Coming To Europe On June 25th [Updated]

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Europe get prepared, FrontSoftware’s critically acclaimed Action/RPG will finally be making it’s way to PAL territories. Namco Bandai has revealed that they will be publishing Demon’s Souls in Europe, making them the third publisher to release the game. Sony originally published the game in Japan as a first party title before Atlus bought it stateside some 9 months later.

Demon’s Souls is best known for being an incredibly difficult but enjoyable game. It also has an unique online system which allows players to leave tips for one another, watch defeated player’s final moments and even summons players in to other people’s games to serve as a boss character.

No release date was announced but Namco Bandai is set to release an official statement tomorrow.

Update: It is now tomorrow and as the revised article title suggest, Namco Bandai has set the release date for June 25th.

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