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Food Network’s Sunny Anderson Is A Huge God Of War Fan, Promises Gamer Themed Episode

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Fan may be an understatement quite honestly. Not really sure where I heard of this little bit first, but I took the quest to Sunny Anderson’s personal blog to ask her if she really was into God Of War that much. And to my surprise (or not) she is! I even asked her what snacks she would suggest for us gamers. I’m getting tired of my friends eating a pre game bag of Cheese Doodles, then having the nerve to grab the controller without washing their hands. Check out her response:

For the 3rd time, I just finished God Of War Challenge Of The Gods, got my chef of war outfit unlocked! About to finish God Of War 2 for the 3rd time and God Of War 3 can’t come fast enough!!! I like your question so much that I promise if given 13 more episode after this run of shows, I’ll have one themed for gamers only. But just so you know, non greasy finger foods is what I do. Pizza works too, but I must be honest, I can play for hours and not eat or drink a bit. It’s all encompassing sometimes, don’t you think?

Yes, I agree Sunny. Non greasy is the way to go. And hope you get your show renewed, we need that episode! You can catch her show Cooking for Real, Weekdays @ 4PM EST & Saturdays at noon on Food Network!

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