Limbo is a Best Seller for Summer Of Arcade

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VG247 is reporting that PlayDead Studios unique puzzle-platformer, Limbo, was the best selling game during Xbox Live’s Summer Of Arcade promotion. Microsoft representative Phil Spencer had these key points to add on the title’s success:

“Our number one Summer of Arcade game is Limbo,” said Spencer, “by a long stretch. I think there was a time when Live Arcade was about IP that people knew. It’s changing though.

“I really think coming out of Braid, Shadow Complex, Limbo… that it’s changing a little bit. We see that in the market, that it’s becoming less about iconic IP that people know and it’s becoming more diverse.

“I love Limbo. I think Limbo’s probably my game of the year right now.”

I think it would be safe to say that Limbo is definitely worthy of an Xbox Live Game Of The Year Award. Hopefully Microsoft takes note of the need for new, original IP’s and explores this avenue further for many years to come.


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